What is powerbrain?

powerbrain is a sophisticated and holistic mental training for everyone wanting to increase their potential. The goal is to increase the physical and mental performance in children, adults and athletes. Our methods are based on modern brain research, bio-energetics, communication science as well as visualization and relaxation techniques.
Contrary to brain training, where existing synaptic connections are exercised, our goal is the activation of the brain thus creating new synaptic connections.

Our Philosophy:

Applied mental strategy = less talking, more doing!

Children, adults, leaders, managers, employees, sportsmen… –  all are humans and humans don’t just function! They all have emotions, fears, worries but also enjoy fun and laughter. Through the ever-increasing demands  of modern times, topics such as ADHS, burnout, stress, performance pressure etc. are on the rise. Important aspects of life such as harmony, balance, happiness, health, fun and joy are neglected.

powerbrain helps to cope with everyday thinking processes and makes tasks in school and at work a little easier. The brain is activated through movement challenges and alpha relaxation techniques to form new synaptic connections in the various brain areas.

Side effects: lots of fun!