7 stages of mental strategies

  • greater overview and vision greater overview and vision ...expand your visual perception and increase your visibility and viewing area through the analysis of eye dominance, target-locking, blind spots and eye jumping. Click to read more
  • concentration to the point concentration to the point ...the teaching of simple techniques helps you to retrieve full concentration power at the right time. This is invaluable for: exams, sports, work & interviews. Click to read more
  • relaxation techniques relaxation techniques ...relaxing to reach peak performance. Through individual relaxation techniques you learn to unleash your power potential. Click to read more
  • brain activation brain activation ...brain activation through movement challenges - ever increasing movement challenges create new synaptic connections in the brain which help to increase your flexibility and your ability to grasp. Click to read more
  • communication communication ...the channels of communication - (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) Understand more easily, be better understood... By determining your preferred channel of perception the practical implementation creates successful communication with more understanding. Click to read more
  • intrinsic motivation intrinsic motivation ...special techniques, to determine what "drives" you or "what makes you tick", can help to discover what motivates you most and why - from this you can derive goals you really want to achieve. Click to read more
  • power by dissolving power by dissolving ...mental blocks and fears - triggered by past experiences - are worked out together and physical body reactions eliminated. Click to read more