How it works

The unique combination of information, relaxation and exercise supports each person to get spiritually and mentally in shape. The key is the creation of new synaptic connections in the “switch board” of the brain.

The powerbrain Institute for applied mental strategies has achieved resounding successes in:

  •  Professional sports such as ice hockey, tennis, soccer and golf,
  •  Corporate clients such as Audi AG and SAP AG in Germany,
  •  Schools with children from the age of 8 years.

The key to our success is based on:

  • Building new synaptic connections between the neurons in your brain through carefully researched  combinations of light movement and mental challenges,
  • Teaching techniques on how to activate your brain,
  • Helping you to identify your ideal channel of communication and understanding others,
  • Eye training for improved overview and visual perception,
  • Relaxation techniques which are imperative to finding your balance and focus.

The spiritual and mental demands at work and in our busy lives are increasing. Stress symptoms such as “burnout” are becoming more frequent. Many people are overloaded.

The powerbrain Institute for applied mental strategies in Munich, Germany, has developed a program based on modern brain research, bio-energetics, the knowledge of sport kinesiology, communication studies and experience in competitive sports, which helps to:

  •   Increase concentration,
  •   Reduce error rates,
  •   Encourage mental creativity,
  •   Increase stress resistance,
  •   Optimize the ability to multitask

and is a lot of fun too!

powerbrain courses are now available in South Africa for schools, corporates,  sportsmen, adults with a busy life style and seniors. The courses take place on a  weekly basis for children and seniors and on weekends for corporates, athletes and adults at selected venues or on own premises.