powerbrain helps…

  • children and teenagers children and teenagers ...to cope more easily with the performance requirements at school; to increase their concentration span, their working capacity and their self-confidence through specific movement challenges, relaxation techniques and lots of fun.
  • adults/individuals with busy lifestyles adults/individuals with busy lifestyles ...to cope better with stress and the challenges of work and everyday life.
  • mothers with a busy lifestyle mothers with a busy lifestyle ...to cope better with the daily challenges of multitasking, to relieve stress and to promote a more balanced life.
  • athletes athletes ...to increase their peak performances and stabilize their mental strengths, which helps to recall their maximum performance during competition.
  • senior citizens senior citizens ... to retain and even regain mental alertness, memory and attention span. Side-effects: lots of fun. The courses are manageable for adults up to 80+ years of age.
  • corporates corporates ...to promote the individual potential within the company, to prevent burnout and to optimize the efficiency of the company