• greater overview and vision greater overview and vision ...expand your visual perception and increase your visibility and viewing area through the analysis of eye dominance, target-locking, blind spots and eye jumping. Click to read more
  • concentration to the point concentration to the point ...the teaching of simple techniques helps you to retrieve full concentration power at the right time. This is invaluable for: exams, sports, work & interviews. Click to read more
  • relaxation techniques relaxation techniques ...relaxing to reach peak performance. Through individual relaxation techniques you learn to unleash your power potential. Click to read more
  • brain activation brain activation ...brain activation through movement challenges - ever increasing movement challenges create new synaptic connections in the brain which help to increase your flexibility and your ability to grasp. Click to read more
  • communication communication ...the channels of communication - (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) Understand more easily, be better understood... By determining your preferred channel of perception the practical implementation creates successful communication with more understanding. Click to read more
  • intrinsic motivation intrinsic motivation ...special techniques, to determine what "drives" you or "what makes you tick", can help to discover what motivates you most and why - from this you can derive goals you really want to achieve. Click to read more
  • power by dissolving power by dissolving ...mental blocks and fears - triggered by past experiences - are worked out together and physical body reactions eliminated. Click to read more

Intrinsic motivation

The own (intrinsic) motivation is the main driving force of people. Many set their goals without asking why they want to achieve them. The consequence is that many goals are never achieved. For this reason the rational setting of goals is only partially effective because it lacks emotional ties. If the question, “why do I want to get there?”, i.e. the motive (reason) is not clearly defined, the will to achieve this goal is lacking. powerbrain will help to experience what motivates you most so that you can then conclude which goals you really want to achieve. powerbrain helps you to reach the goals you have set for yourselves!